Been Laid Off a While? 7 Strategies to Get Your Resume Noticed!

If you’ve been looking for a job for more than 6 months, this information is for you. It is more detailed practical advice about how to resume help you win the job of your dreams. This article focuses step by step on what to do after you’ve organized your Resume. Go here for more practical advice on how to resume help your job search.

1. PreparationStep by step we will walk you through the process of preparing your resume.

2. Check Your Resume TypeConsign it to a computer now! That’s always a good starting point. Go through the document to check for errors. Use this time to make sure that it is exactly what you designed it to be. Check its structure, spelling, and grammar.

3. Look at Jobs SucceededBy using specific job search strategies you can find out what jobs the successful candidates attended.

4. Add InformationCopilots, you never know when or where you may get the information you need to update your resue. As we stated previously, you should ideally sign up for email alerts.

5. Do Not Make Your Resume More Than 3 pages!If you try to do this your resume will begin to resemble a book. It’s a good idea to keep it to about 3 pages. With this in mind let me tell you the difference between an MBA Qualified Re sume and a W-2 Acceptance Re sume.


The MBA Quality Resu me has measurements showing your position in performance against goals. The W-2 Acceptance Re sume will only have objective data. The content of your resu me should not change just to make it more appealing to the employer. Otherwise you just short change yourself and your resume will be ignored.

6. Character PreparationMake sure you prepare a re sume for each job for which you are applying. This is a completely different res ume from your “traditional” resu me. We will get into this in more detail below.

7. Related Educational QualificationsCertain jobs will require specific educational qualifications. This is typically found in the job description. Be sure you understand the requirements and additional requirements you must meet to submit your resume.

8. Personal InformationOK, so you are ready to submit your resu me. But, who do you send it to?

9.uesTitleIf you do not have an alternate name you may want to wait until you hear from the receptionist. First, your name is Robert Smith. Secondly, if you are applying for a W-2 position you do not want to use your initial qualification as your current primary qualification.

10. Position QualificationsSome positions offer additional qualifications and background that may be helpful to determine whether you are being qualified for the job.

11. Certificate of Interview Successfully completedIf the employer contacts you and wishes to confirm your interview, you will need to request a copy of the interview report. It is the only way you will know whether you were successful or not.

12. Formal Verification of R esume SubmissionIf the employer contacts you and wishes to confirm your res ume, you will need to request a copy of the report as well.

13. Required element in the ResumeSubmissions are rejected at the airport without being read. This is not considered as a “ready” or “ready to fly” re sume.

14. Provided Cover LetterIf the employer contacts you and wishes to confirm your position, you will need to request a copy of the information about the company the employer will request.

15. Link to a Link to an Online Resume WebsiteIf you do not already have one, you can add one after the first contact. It is very important that you research and want to be sure you understand the res ume or Resu me you are submitting as most of the time, these websites will allow you to submit your resume online and you are saving your time and money.

encies are a good resource for employers that are looking for qualified candidates and recruiting.

Pick up the phone and call the airport and find out the name of the person that is in charge of Airport Operations. Ask if they have a copy of the Airport Operations Guide. If they do not, ask for one. It is a information guide meant to assist airport employees and help them do their job more effectively.

Take a look at the Airport Operations Guide as well as the P subject of the above paragraph. I have just told you what to anticipate being asked in an interview.

Now, go out and knock my door.